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I don't need to see anything this year to prove that he's one of the best OL in the country. I've watched for three years. He was freshman all-American. He was 1st team All-ACC. He's already proven himself to be that. Plenty on here would've said the same thing about Shaq Mason after he made 1st team All-ACC in 2013. Now Mason is one of the best offensive linemen in the world. We'll see if Parker can go to the NFL and be successful (there's plenty of great college football players who didn't have success in the NFL) but Parker Braun has already proven himself on the field and that is indisputable.
Remember Cobby you are only as good as today.......kid has talent and has produced but if he has proven himself what will he do at Texas...will he be ready to do more or will he just put it in neutralOne thing for sure no more squat blocks coming his way........if moitivated think he can do well.