Some interesting comments about GT's recruiting class from Jamie Newberg...the "Godfather" of Recruiting:

Recruiting mavens weigh in on Tech, UGA and recruiting itself | Mark Bradley

Then this: “But then you look at a guy like [Virginia Tech's] Frank Beamer — he’s never in the Top 10 [of recruiting rankings] but he gets the guys who does what he wants … Paul Johnson has done a good job in that way, too.”

Paul Johnson, as we know, coaches Georgia Tech, and Tech is often seen as an afterthought on National Signing Day. The SEC schools load up on five-star guys and the Jackets make do with lesser lights, and when you look at the rankings — and we all do — Tech is never in the Top 10. But here’s Newberg on this Tech class, rated the nation’s 57th-best by “This is a typical Tech year … They find a way to get it done.”

Newberg mentioned two Tech commitments — and here we stipulate that commitments aren’t binding until somebody signs something; Wednesday is National Signing Day — to buttress the point: Francis Kallon, a defensive lineman from Central Gwinnett who committed to Tech before ever playing an organized game, and Travin Henry, a receiver from Cook County who committed Sunday night.

“Kallon is one of the best stories I’ve ever known,” Newberg said. “And I watched tape of Henry last night, and I thought, ‘Holy smoke! Where did they find this guy?’ He’s big. He can be another Stephen Hill or Demaryius Thomas.”

I'm just glad I'm not the only one that thinks Travin Henry looks like another DT!