• GT Special Teams Really Are Becoming Special

    Remember three and more years ago when Georgia Tech special teams were special needs?

    This year the Jackets are better. The Pitt game may have been the best - a fake punt, 3 of 4 KOs in or out of the end zone, 1 KO return contained, 4 punts with no return. All extra points made.

    Georgia Tech is currently:

    14th in punting.
    18th in KO returns (and will be even better when Golden is back).
    26th in kickoffs, 43rd in KO touch backs but 11th in out of bounds (bad).
    Pretty good in FGs (5 of 8) but have attempted less than one a game. 41 of 42 in extra points.
    5th in punts blocked.

    Looks like a new ST coach and putting starters onto the STs is paying off.