• A Misnomer About GT Football Talent

    One of the things I keep hearing about Georgia Tech's football team is, "It's not like we don't have the talent, we were close or had the chance to beat the last three teams."

    That premise is false. Case in point: Virgina Tech almost lost to East Carolina (15-10) and Marshall (29-21 in 2 OTs) the previous weeks before us. Is anyone going to say those teams are as talented as the Hokies?

    Some Georgia Tech fans might hate hearing this, because so many are on the "Fire Paul Johnson!" train, but it's actually the coaching, especially on defense, that's keeping us in games. Yes, we have talent to be competitive with Miami, Virginia Tech, and BYU...but better talent takes you from being competitive to winning.

    Remember throwing smoke routes to BeyBey Thomas and him taking it 60+ yards for a TD to pull us ahead against FSU? Remember Nesbitt handing it off to Dwyer against UGA on a simple dive, Dwyer cutting back that made a former 4 star LB lose his jock in the middle of the field, then taking it to the house on our way beating UGA? Remember Derrick Morgan being such a nightmare that he basically forced Clemson to play to one side of the field...the side Derrick Morgan wasn't on? Remember 5'9 Reggie Ball just throwing the ball up in the end zone knowing that Calvin Johnson was going to make "The Catch" against Clemson to win it?

    Talent helps with little things like being a step quicker to the edge to seal the LB, or safety, from the ball carrier. Talent helps when a DE gives an OT an outside move but goes inside and the OT is quick enough to recover to at least push him off track to the QB so the the QB has more time. Talent helps when the WR is even with the DB, but the WR has an extra gear to pull away from the DB to take it to the house (see Stephen Hill and Demaryius Thomas).

    It's not the big things that talent gives you, it's the little things like what I pointed out above. We don't have much of that right now, and that's why teams are pulling away from us. Yes, we were in the game against VT, but did anyone honestly think we ever had control of the game?