• GT Losing Battle in Living Rooms

    Analyze it however you want but you have to ask yourself...do you see any NFL prospects on the field for Tech today? We know what we saw over the past 20 years when we put player after player in the NFL.

    Recruiting IS at a worse standard today than anytime in the past 25 years. Forget the star system, even a fool can see we aren't getting the type of athlete we need to compete.

    The tough academic requirement does have an impact, but it provides more of an excuse to those who don't know better than it does on actual recruiting. I, like you, have been around it for 4 decades.

    The "academic" excuse was thrown around in the late 70's and 80's just like it is today. That was one national championship, many, many NFL draft picks and a bunch of competitive teams ago and here we go again with the same tired BS coming from supporters who choose to look the other way or have very short memories.

    The system is broken because of poor planning, oversight and execution. It's time right now for a change.