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    I just finished watching the Miami game with the action slowed down and focus on the Georgia Tech defense. The only saving grace was that it didn't take too long, considering that Miami had maybe a total of 50 snaps. Man was that hard to watch. Our OL was effective against the Miami DL. Their OL completely owned our DL, whipped us, end of story. That butt whipping we took in the trenches affected every portion of the defensive game.

    First off, I have to give Miami credit. They have a ton of talent on that side of the ball. Their OL is easily the best we have faced and they exposed us big time.

    Duke Johnson is one of the nation's 3 or 4 best runners. We made him look like superman. He has great vision and is strong on his feet. On film his speed and power are readily apparent. We kept attacking him high and he would shuck our tacklers like an ear of corn. He found every hole, but to be truthful, most weren't that difficult to spot.

    They have a group of really fast receivers, who run good routes. They can stretch you out and they have a QB Morris who can make all the throws, if not the decisions. Truthfully, they were more than we could handle. We were lucky that they decided to gift wrap some turnovers for us.

    Miami's plan was easy to diagnose. They wanted to spread us out, gash us with the power run game in a thinly stacked box, force us to over commit to stop the run and then burn us with play action. For them, it was pretty much all done to plan, except the turnovers.

    It is easy to say, that we have no talent and that nobody on our team is NFL worthy, or that our defensive backfield can't cover and our LBs stink. None of that stuff is true. What we saw Saturday was a direct result of a weak DL and nothing more. When your safeties are biting on play action coming up to stop the run and letting TEs and slot guys run right past them, the problem isn't that they can't cover. The problem is a weak DL.

    When your nickel has his eyes in the backfield waiting to see the hand-off causing him to lose his guy in the flat, the problem is the DL. Without those guys helping to stop the run, they go 10 or 15 per pop on the hand-off. It is as simple as that. Considering every guy going out on routes can run 4.4 and cut on a dime, it makes it a near impossible task. Add to that, a hobbled QB who couldn't even move, having all day to throw, and you have a real recipe for disaster. That is exactly what this day was on defense, a disaster.

    If you want the Boomergump scouting report, Attaochu, Watts, and Thomas will make NFL rosters. Nealy and Young are long shots. Hunt-Days has a good chance but is still young. Guys like Milton are very athletic but have a lot yet to prove. So the point is, there is some talent there, but they are being asked to do more than is reasonable.

    I could go through a mountain of details, but I won't. Along the LOS we got pushed out of most plays, failed to get off blocks, and got no pressure on the passer. Attaochu was accounted for with multiple players in pass-pro and nobody else did diddly-squat in their match ups. We didn't push the pocket, we didn't force the QB to run on his bum ankle, nothing.

    I was disappointed in the LBs for no other reason than consistently attacking runners too high. At least PJ Davis uses good form and brings people down. It was a lazy day in terms of tackling fundamentals. We missed a bunch as a result. The TOs we got really weren't forced IMHO. DJ's fumble was poked out by Dieke, but he was carrying it loose. Milton's INT was not the result of extreme pressure really, I think it was more of a mis-communication between passer and TE. The fumbled punt was a crappy decision and Nealy's pick was just Morris getting tunnel vision. Credit our guys for getting them, but there were no jarring hits knocking balls loose or QBs getting hit, or pressured into bad throws.

    Nobody besides Davis had a good day, and he didn't even play that much. Jemea will hit you and he flies around.

    We are what we are on defense and there are no easy answers. When we go up against elite offenses, and YES I consider UM to be in that category, we will have to be fortunate and we will have to possess and score on offense.
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