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    Read elsewhere online where someone commented about the Georgia Tech football team and said, "we don't suck, we are just mediocre."

    I'm not sure mediocre, but probably more like "generally competitive." The Miami game was an example of that, we lost by 15, but there was a an obvious difference in talent.

    Never saw their RB Johnson go backward on a hit. He's good and we are not,we never came close to completing a long pass, no speed nor blocking. We talk about our speed on defense, yet on that interception by Nealy, he was caught in open field after only 50 yards. Even though it looked like at begiining it could be TD with only a gimpy QB chasing,

    Even when we were up by 10 early, I was thinking how big a lead in 4th quarter to win the game? 17?

    The Georgia Tech football program has erratic coaching, but the "funky" offense exacerbates that. Spending SO much time learning how to mesh the run option (and RUN blocking) means the passing game is somewhat ignored. Then wide receivers can't be recruited, you CAN NOT win with JUST running (good teams adjust) unless we have better talent and we do not.

    We are competitive and fairly consistent,we have the 5th? longest bowl streak. Making the jump up to 9 wins may just be too tough, maybe we are unreasonable to expect any coach to do that at Georgia Tech.

    The present situation won't change, until the Hill helps. Either by giving another major or more exceptions. See you in Shreveport and maybe miss a bowl next yr.
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      You can view the page at http://gtsportstalk.com/content.php?...-in-Shreveport
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      Quote Originally Posted by HelluvaMGTmjr View Post
      Ummm...yes! See: Stanford and Northwestern.
      completely agree... bowl streak is a terrible way of measuring success... we beat a lousy USC team last year people.... lousy.... we have major work to do to turn this season around like beat everyone else and either Clemson or UGA
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      Jokes on you, I live in Shreveport!

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      Quote Originally Posted by stylee View Post
      Jokes on you, I live in Shreveport!
      Actually I think that makes the joke on you. Sorry man!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Animal View Post
      6-6 next year will be bowl eligible.
      See you at Spring Practice.
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      Quote Originally Posted by L. Biviano View Post

      Although many of us disparage the quality of the Bowls we get in, I don't want this streak broken. I want GT to stay toward the top of this list. I don't care what Bowl it is; I really think it would hit most of us harder than we think if we lost this distinction too.
      Agreed. I'm still pissed from losing the winningest bowl percentage years ago.
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      Quote Originally Posted by HelluvaMGTmjr View Post
      Actually I think that makes the joke on you. Sorry man!
      hence the frowny face
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      I spent a week in Shreveport for work. Yup...that's all I got...