• Should Paul Johnson Be Pass Happy Against BYU?

    Last year's game has convinced me that BYU knows what to do against our ground game.

    Why not rev up the passing attack this week, see what Vad Lee can really do? And I don't mean 40-yard post corner routes. We need some intermediate stuff to spread the defense, make them defend the entire field.

    Nothing ventured,nothing gained. It might even pay dividends for the remainder of the season.

    I am convinced BYU will run successfully against our defense, and throw efficiently and effectively with our meager pass rush. I realize they don't have Robbie Bosco back there, but Taysom Hill is plenty good enough with lots of time.

    If their defense throttles us like they did last year, it will be a long chilly evening in Provo. We have gravitated back to the point that we must play an error free game just to stay in it.
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      There's no question. We didn't lose to VT because we passed 24 times. We passed 24 times because we avg 3 YPC which means our run was getting stuffed and we were playing from behind.

      Nobody complained when we passed 16 times for 4 TDs against Duke.

      There's a difference between doing something because it's working (Duke) and doing something because nothing else is working (VT). Having said that, we did get inexplicably pass happy vs Miami a little too early. Not sure why we didn't keep running the "normal" offense but oh well.

      I imagine we spend a ridiculous amount of time practicing option so it's no surprise we aren't passing better at this point. Actually, I did expect us to be passing better than we are.