• Georgia Tech: Many Happy Returns?

    How much will losing Jamal for the season hurt us? I guess the answer to that question remains to be seen. Without a doubt he has been the most instinctive and productive returner for us on special teams in a decade (or more). At safety, we have been getting some help from the understudies, and so far, the returns are pretty good. On defense I am not THAT worried, I just like having more depth rather than less.

    Personally, I am more worried about the return game than anything. One of the things we counted on in preseason talk, was the improved field position that will happen as a result of a good kicker and a good returner. Well, half of that equation is gone now. I don't trust Zenon catching punts. Snoddy, despite being way faster than Golden, hasn't seemed to read the field very well when returning the KOs. He appears hesitant and indecisive. Now, that may be harsh considering we screwed up our planned wedge blocks on the returns that he made. In any case, I am a bit concerned.

    Most importantly, I want to trust the punt return guy to catch the ball with confidence. Getting yards is a bonus. Zenon has been anything but steady and confident back there. We have to find somebody, Jemea Thomas?

    Sims on KOs just doesn't sound right to me. He is a little heavy legged for this role, no? I wonder if Chris Milton has ever tried it. That dude is very fast. Catching the ball is not as much at a premium, but you need to be able to read the field and have a little burst. Ball security is also important as collisions can happen at a high rate of speed.
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