• Last Night Was Reggie Lee, Chan Johnson and Ted Tenuta

    Like many Georgia Tech fans, I'm still stunned at the way that Virginia Tech manhandled Paul Johnson's famed triple option offense last night. We're so used to GT racking up points and yards, that it is almost a given that the Jackets will score a lot. It has been the defense and special teams that we've had to worry about the past few years.

    Well, last night there was a reversal...

    Last night it felt like I flashed back to the Chan Gailey/Reggie Ball/Jon Tenuta years. Inept offense that was piloted by a struggling, scatter-armed QB, with a head coach/supposed offensive guru who didn't have the offense prepared, while the valiant defense, led by a fired up defensive coordinator, kept us in the game.

    The one major difference was.. Chan wouldn't have gone for it on 4th and 2 from his own 33 in that situation that Johnson did last night.
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      [QUOTE=Anotherbee;94346]I don't think we gave Roof enough credit. /QUOTE]

      Absolutely agree. I wonder if we are seeing CTR's job interview for the HC position.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Confederatebuzz View Post
      Ha, you copy my post and then talk about the fumble. You don't let that shi* QB look like Peyton Manning regardless of how badly the O did.
      In your zeal to hate PJ, you're being irrational. That was a TEAM pants pissing last night...

      You're out of your mind. This loss lies squarely at the feet of Coach Paul "THE GENIUS" Johnson and his increasingly-inept, thoroughly-deciphered offense.

      Our offense was a complete, total joke last night. Our D showed up and did all they could to keep us in the game.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jeagt View Post
      Unfortunately our offense is in abortion!
      OH NO! There is somebody using my word.