• GT Offensive Line Will Be Tested Against Virginia Tech

    By all accounts the GT OL appears to have matured a great deal this season. They have been coming off the ball and dominating the point of attack against its first three opponents. The VT DL represents a pretty significant step up for the Jackets, especially at the two DT positions. I think this game will provide us a measuring stick of where we are as a unit. Our G-C-G combo has been especially strong thus far and they will have a significant influence on the success, or lack thereof, of our offense against VT.

    If we are able to impose our will on this group of defenders on the interior, then I say we may need to set our sights a little higher, in terms of possible season record. There is probably no greater predictor of a team's success than a dominant OL, especially in an offense like ours.

    During the first 5 years of the Paul Johnson era, I don't think any of the OL units would have been described as overly physical. We got it done by staying low and confusing people with scheme. That can work to a point, but sooner or later, you are going to have to be able to man up and push people back, going hat on hat, if you want a place at the table with the best teams. I, for one, will be very interested to see how this match up plays out under the lights at Bobby Dodd Thursday night.
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      Not every play has to be a big gainer. In an offense like this, you run plays to see how the defense will react.
      As the old saying goes "once burned, twice stupid"...but thrice? Anyway, boomer knew exactly what I was seeing and it all fell on Chamberlain getting blown up all three times. So perhaps his optimism about line play is warranted as long as the number one's are in.
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      the ONLY good thing about Chamberlain playing is he is getting exp,we are going to need it BADLY next yr
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      Chamberlain has done some good things this season. He just had a really tough time against #95 Saturday. That guy was pretty quick and just seemed to be ready for whatever Chamberlain tried to hit him with. He moved his feet, used his hands well and generally looked like a matador teasing a bull. Bryan ended up on his hands and knees in under 1.5 seconds more times than he would probably like to admit.
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      Well, I'm not sure exactly what the film is going to show, but it is, at least, clear that our G-C-G combo did not get the best of the interior of their line. In fact, it may have actually been the opposite. So where does our 2013 OL currently stand? I would have to say, the best of the CPJ era, but still in the second tier of good BCS OLs. We handled Duke and UNC physically, but had a difficult time getting any real push against one of the elite CFB DLs. I intend to watch this battle a lot closer in slo-mo.

      Most fans on this board see GT as an 8-9 win team in 2013. At this time, it is hard to build a case that we will be markedly better than that, based on our performance in the VT game up front.