• What do you hate about Virginia Tech?

    What do you hate about Virginia Tech? I have a few hates.

    1) I hate how they squeak out wins against us.

    There were the 2 personal fouls called against GT in Blacksburg in '08 (one of them clearly was BS, the other questionable) that sustained the Turkeys game winning drive. In '10 they effectively ended JN's career and won that game in the closing minute with and end zone INT I recall. In '11, QB Thomas had a career day, and Ipunchyou lost his cool and drew a late game foul when the momentum had turned in GTs favor. And last year was just heartbreaking. How does a team take the lead on the road with 45 seconds left and not hang on to win?

    2) I live in Virginia, and I despise how they all refer to themselves as "Tech." We were "Tech" before they were even VPI.

    3) I hate how in Blacksburg, every defensive 3rd down to them is a "key play" and they start shaking their keys in the stands. No. no. no you morons! A "key play" is a moniker that can only be applied to a game changer in retrospect. And you are only supposed to start shaking your keys to tell the opposing coach to "warm up the bus" when the game is clearly in the bag and your opponent is trying to manage the clock like they can still win.

    4) Erecting a grandiose NC trophy case in Blacksburg with a "if you build it, they will come" mentality. I think it's really a "cart before the horse" mentality.

    What else ya' got?
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      You can view the page at http://gtsportstalk.com/content.php?...-Virginia-Tech
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      i feel like some of this is recycled, but all great minds think alike.

      i hate they always barely win. ESPN got total love for them, even when they suck or lose or barely win they get ultra pub from the media. beamer is just unfortunate looking, especially when he's stressin. or maybe that's the way he looks just regularly. brain fart, cant think of their D coordinator's name. BUD FOSTER! he is a good D co no doubt. but, i wish we'd give him and his prized D something to remember. alot like 09 but worse. im so ready for thursday night. GOTTA WIN! GO TECH
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      Quote Originally Posted by Ga Tech Navy Nuke View Post
      Funny thing about VT is that the engineering school is a small part (20%??) of the university. It has a big teachers program and agricultural program.
      Vippie Sue is like a combo of Georgia State and Southern Poly for us locals. They integrated the "Tech" specifically for athletics around the late 80's. LAME.