• Georgia Tech Play Selection and Option Grading

    The Georgia Tech offense struggled against North Carolina in the first half, but took control in the second half at rain-soaked Bobby Dodd Stadium Saturday afternoon. Here is the play breakdown, video and analysis on what worked and what didn't.

    Play Selection:

    Zone Dive: 17
    Midline Option: 9
    Triple Option: 9
    BBack Trap: 3
    Triple Option Playaction Pass: 3
    Diamond Sweep Read (inverted veer/zone read/whatever): 2
    Counter-Trap Option: 2
    Counter Option Playaction Pass:
    "Smash" (pass play): 1
    Rocket Toss: 6
    Diamond Sweep Playaction Pass: 1
    Diamond AB Zone Dive: 1
    QB Draw: 1
    "Go" (pass play): 1
    Post-Wheel (pass play): 3 (last one was Vad's keeper for the game-sealing first down)
    Verts; Outside Hitch (pass play): 1
    BB Screen: 2
    Load Option: 4
    QB Dive/Sneak: 4
    Rocket Playaction Pass: 2
    Load Option Playaction Pass: 1
    AB Dive: 2
    AB Dive Fake QB Keep: 1

    My thoughts: the idea was to attack the middle of the UNC defense. That's what we did with the zone dives (some of those weren't technically zones - more like BB blasts - but roll with me here) and the midline. We also managed to get nice yardage on the triple option, which is detailed below.

    We stayed away from the outside for the most part, until near the end when we started hitting some Rockets for decent gainers (shoutout to Charles Perkins for getting a nice little block to spring Robbie's long one).

    I feel certain that more passes would have come in better conditions. 12 attempts in a downpour is sort of surprising for PJ as is, right?

    Vad looked a little lost at time. He appeared to be too keyed up and didn't see the field consistently well in the passing game, giving up some sacks he shouldn't have. Nice touch on the pass to Waller, where only 88 could have gotten it. Also a nice dart to Smelter on the playaction pass, where 15 jumped up on that grab.

    Sims ran very well, so we stayed with him. Laskey got sort of unlucky - some o-line lapses when he was in there - but these were also the sort of conditions that favor a low-running guy like Sims. No Snoddy, but I think it was the right call to stick with your 1a and 1b guys with that sort of weather.

    Mediocre game by most of the O-Line. Poor game by the backs and the receivers blocking, with some assignment mix-ups.

    Option Grading:

    I've got 9 triple options for Vad and I've graded him as 7*/9.
    He was only 1/3 in the first half, but clearly CPJ helped him see what UNC's game plan for the triple was: to "cross charge" it by having the OLB shoot into the B Gap and the DE take the QB. From our friend Steebu:

    What that gives us is a quick pitch to the outside, as no one has the AB on the pitch anymore. UNC stayed with this gameplan throughout the second half and it led to some big plays: the long one to Perkins, a long one to Robbie, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes the O-Line wasn't ready for the OLB shooting in and Vad's timing was messed up. All in all, a much better job on the option in the second half.

    I've got Vad down for nine midline options and I've got him graded at a 6*/9.
    I've got him at perfect in the first half but missing three in a row in the second half - possibly going the wrong side on one of them. His footwork wasn't great, maybe owing to the wet conditions. Still, nice to see this play back in the playbook.

    I've got Vad down for two counter options off the trap action and I've got him graded as 2/2.

    I've got Vad down for two sweep reads and I've got him graded as a 2*/2.
    He fumbled on one of those.

    I've got Vad down on 4 load options and I've got him graded an easy 4/4.

    Decent day on the option runs. Not as good as the numbers would suggest - we missed way too many blocks on the edge and our footwork wasn't too good on some of the plays - but we appear to be getting it together.
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      awbuzz -
      as usual, well done. thanks
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      As usual well done.