• Jeremiah Attaochu's Big Play Leads Georgia Tech Victory

    The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets spotted the North Carolina Tar Heels a 20-7 lead, then stormed back with 21 straight points, to score a solid 28-20 victory.

    What made this victory particularly encouraging for the Jackets, is the way defensive coordinator Ted Roof's defense stiffened, after spotting the initial 20 points. Georgia Tech held North Carolina scoreless in the second half, speared by an active front seven and stingy secondary.

    When was the last time the Jackets pitched a shutout in the second half, against a good offensive team, with a future NFL QB?

    The big play in the second half was in the third quarter, when North Carolina QB Bryn Renner threaded the needle on a long scoring pass, that appeared to give Carolina the lead. However, Renner wouldn't have had time to make the throw, if the Carolina right tackle hadn't reached out and grabbed GT defensive end Jeremiah Attaochu, who had badly beaten the UNC offensive lineman.

    Attaochu's play won't show up in the box score, and it probably won't make any ESPN highlight reels. But it was the big play in the second half and arguably the biggest play in the game, based on the seven points it took off the scoreboard, and the momentum it kept on Georgia Tech's side.
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    1. DC Bee's Avatar
      DC Bee -
      The Nigerian Nightmare delivered the goods.
    1. Atllove's Avatar
      Atllove -
      He took control of the D.
    1. stonedwall's Avatar
      stonedwall -
      really made his presence known in the second half. if he wasn't held on that key play, i think he's in renner's face and no way he makes that would-have-been TD pass. it was a blatant hold and no-brainer to call. excited to see what sneezy does on thursday night.
    1. RamblinWreck92's Avatar
      RamblinWreck92 -
      Gotsis made some great plays as well. Guy was all over the place.
    1. stonedwall's Avatar
      stonedwall -
      Quote Originally Posted by RamblinWreck92 View Post
      Gotsis made some great plays as well. Guy was all over the place.
      yep! how often do you see your NT making one-on-one tackles downfield on the sideline? extremely mobile, plays low using his leverage, and can wreak some havoc. he's drawing double-teams often. our other linemen need to beat the one-on-one blocks and make things happen.
    1. 3518techie's Avatar
      3518techie -
      Attachou's pressure really took some of the pressure off an injured secondary. I thought the holding was a good one. He was also held in the first half and it wasn't called.
    1. stylee's Avatar
      stylee -
      Good article, Jim
    1. LongforDodd's Avatar
      LongforDodd -
      Quote Originally Posted by RamblinWreck92 View Post
      Gotsis made some great plays as well. Guy was all over the place.
      Yes Gotsis made some good sideline to sideline plays
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      Jim Hart -
      Quote Originally Posted by stylee View Post
      Good article, Jim
      Thanks, stylee.
    1. HelluvaMGTmjr's Avatar
      HelluvaMGTmjr -
      Somehow I didn't notice Gotsis at all. I guess I am more focused on DL actually around the LOS. Running down players across the field is icing on the cake, but not the cake. Still think he'd make a better DE, especially after seeing a preview of next year when Stargel got some snaps at DE.

      But it was nice to see Attachou rise up. He had a favorable matchup with some of UNC's OL, especially that FR OT.