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    Georgia Tech cornerback Jemea Thomas at a spring practice.I feel great about the state of GT football for two main reasons - Vad Lee (and hopefully Justin Thomas in the future) and the Defense. Of course I'm excited about Vad. He gives our offense dimensions that it hasn't had yet, which will ultimately make it a lot more effective.

    But, our offense was usually very effective anyway - it's a great system that gives the offense so many advantages that most systems don't (when your QB has to be accounted for in the running game, it's just math). But, here is my short term concern:

    Judging from the Duke game, we're not where we need to be in this offensive system. Vad gives so much more ability to make up for that with his passing and athleticism, but this offense could beat most teams when it's run by a more pedestrian QB who is dedicated to the system, believes in how it works, and trusts that more than his own ability. That's what this offense is built to do.

    I'm worried that Vad's ability is at this point inevitably causing him to trust in that more than the system. Now, that could actually win us a game in the future, but I'm afraid it could cost us a game at some point over these next four.

    When this offense works as planned, we're going to get some big runs from the BB's and AB's and QB's and a big play in the passing game every now and then. And, we're going to be getting 4-6 yards per carry from the BB and 5-7 from the AB's and QB.

    And, even when most of the defenders are too good and too disciplined to let us break the big ones, we still are able to methodically march it down the field with those 4-7 yard runs. Is Vad Lee proficient enough in reading the option game to be able to do that? Methodically death march it down their throats averaging 5 yards per play all the way down the field to the end zone?

    If I were Vad, I would be so confident in my ability to make a play, that my mind would be on how to make that next great play rather than on living by the system, intensely focused on the read keys, trusting the blocking, etc.

    Usually what it takes to force this dedication is brokeness. Getting humbled by defeat. I hate that, but it's usually true. That's why our teams have often had to take a loss early before they get better and start to hum in the option game. Even in '09, our offense wasn't good until after the Miami defeat. Then we started making the option game work. And, we also had the big play makers to make up for mistakes and mismatches.

    So, to be honest, I think we're going to lose one of these next 3 games. Which one? I don't know. I think the most likely one is UNC. But, I'm not sure they have the defensive firepower to beat us, even if we're not great yet. So, VT might be the one. I think if that happens, it could actually prove to be good for us. It could cause a re-dedication and molding of the mindset of our young QB.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't want it to happen. If we can somehow get by UNC even while they expose our weaknesses, that might serve the purpose too. But, you have to see your weaknesses before you believe in the need to change. It has to become bigger than you.

    I could be totally wrong and Vad could be the guy that breaks the mold, never needs something like that to cause that intense option focus. Maybe he's already there, and it's just a matter of continuing improvement with experience. I'm just confessing some intense thoughts I've had since Saturday.

    Anybody understand that? Do you think we win all of the next 3 games? What game on our schedule will humble us, and can that actually make us objectively better?

    I know our defense is more important anyway.
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      Quote Originally Posted by gtce79 View Post
      I understand the musings and points in the original post.

      What I found myself wondering at the end of it, though, is "what if Vad's epiphany was last year? Not pushing TW out of the start position? What if he was thinking, 'I've got more talent in my little finger than this guy. Why am I not starting?' And then, 'oh, coach keeps telling me to trust the system, learn the system, play the system. That must be IT!!'"

      You gotta admit he had plenty of time on the bench to stew it over.
      This is the same thing I thought....
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      I understand the original comments and where the thought process of others who posted as well, but I think Vad's only issue right now is not trusting the read on the BB dive right now, I think Vad feels more in control keeping it himself and carrying out the option to the outside, it almost looked like sometimes he wasn't even considering the dive even though the hole was there
      (could have been the play call) , with more and more reps I think Vad will realize that he doesn't want to take a hit every play and will start trusting the BB dive more and make the correct read.

      Even though Vad is very talented and a natural leader/winner I think hes a great "team" guy and wants others to succeed as well.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Lee Reeves View Post
      Great post and interesting thoughts. I hope that isn't the case, but I've thought similar thoughts. In my mind I could see VT stuffing our run game and Vad then trying to force things and then he could make some big mistakes. I really think our defense will be good enough to keep all of our games close though so I'm hoping we don't lose any of the next 3. For some reason I feel weird about this UNC game but I hope it's just a weird feeling and we'll beat the brakes off of them.
      These two have history... Fedora was McCollum's OC at MTSU and his scheme has not changed much.