• Al Groh Fired as Georgia Tech Defensive Coordinator

    The Georgia Tech Athletic Association has announced via their Twitter account that defensive coordinator Al Groh has been fired.

    Groh came to Georgia Tech after serving nine seasons as the head coach at Virginia. His reputation was built on being able to install an effective 3-4 defense, but unfortunately effectiveness never materialized with the Jackets.

    Georgia Tech's defense this season has been abysmal, particularly the past three weeks when the Jackets gave up over 40 points in each game.

    Tech fans await word from head coach Paul Johnson as to who will be the interim DC or if a full-timer will be named.
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      stonedwall -
      jim--i expected a much longer obit since CAG's been a "dead man walking" for a couple of weeks now!
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      Jim Hart -
      stone, we'll wait until the body is cold and then give Al his due..
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    1. srschirm's Avatar
      srschirm -
      Wow, Johnson must really be feeling the heat.
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      foggy -
      Hate to tell all you who love mediocrity and that's many of you who lambasted me a while back but

      I TOLD YOU SO!
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      Quote Originally Posted by srschirm View Post
      Wow, Johnson must really be feeling the heat.
      his job's safer than mine, your's, and probably everyone's on this forum. over $10 million dollars to buy him out?