• What Works at Georgia Tech?

    The following quote is attributed to Georgia Tech football assistant Buzz Preston in a recent AJC piece:

    I think that, in this business, the key to success is to figure out what works at that university, he said. Id say [Saban] has figured out what works at Alabama. Whether you agree with it or not is one thing, but hes figured out what works.

    Do you think Paul Johnson has figured it out after four years here? And, if so, just what is "it"?

    In my opinion, our coach has figured it out to a degree. We will know by November, but I think we will see less of the riverboat gambler in play calling than we've seen in the past--for a couple of reasons.

    First, we will have better players (overall) on the field than we have had, and we will have a better, more trustworthy defense.Paul Johnson gets it---the offense is still our weapon of choice, but no longer our single weapon.

    Secondly, I think the coach has realized that the high risk/reward plays are less effective when they become too frequent. Oh, we will still see the lunatic calls--just fewer, and at much more unexpected situations. But, I predict we will not quick kick even once this year.

    A realization that we need to invest in defense and special teams is also part of "it".

    I look for more attention to field position, and as a result, I think our offense will flourish. I can't predict that we will punt more, because I truly feel we will move the chains better than in the past.

    But I don't think we will go for it on fourth down to avoid punting anymore. To be able to kick and then trust the defense will be an entirely new feeling---one I am sure will have the coach worried at times. But as the year progresses, I think the defense will have answered the bell enough and successfully that they will be a confident option late in the year.

    Same article, the receivers were listed--Greene, Waller, Jackson, Moore, Autry, Henry, and Summers. I know we are wringing our hands about the lack of experience, but this is a group that does not lack for size, speed and ability.

    Our passing attack is truncated to say the least, but for some reason I am optimistic about getting the ball into this group's hands. We won't be asking them to carry the team, only to catch a pass once every nine or ten snaps and block like hell the rest of the time. I think we can find two out of that group that will get it done. THWG!