• Paul Johnson's Double Trouble Upends Opponents

    As we all know, Paul Johnson is famous for running the same play twice and sometimes 3 times consecutively. And it's hard to tell when he's gonna do it because he'll do it if the play works or fails the first time. I think he does it more if it fails the first time on a missed block because he's so pissed at the man who missed the block that it's almost like practice and the ol' "do it till you get it right, damnit" philosophy.

    Here's an example in live game action of this very scenario from the NC State game last year. We run a counter with two pulling linemen. In the first down play we have both pulling linemen leading the play with one defender to block. The freakin' defender splits the blockers and tackles Peeples for a loss. Now I can't figure who screwed up. Is it the the first blocker who blocks a guy who's already behind the play and inconsequential, or the second lineman who doesn't hit anyone?

    Anyhoo, we get it right on the very next play and score the td. It just goes to show how important blocking execution is to our offense and why I'm excited about this season. Not only do we have veterans on the OL, but they have time together to get their communication down. The first play in the video could just have easily been a communication snafu.

    I also noticed that the D played it a little differently the second time. DE took on the RT in the first play, but shot into the backfield in the second. That could have been the difference, too. The RG was free to block the OLB the second time where he was engaged with the DE the first go 'round.

    Go to the 1:38 mark and watch the two consecutive plays. 1st one: blown up in the backfield. 2nd one: TD. Block baby, block!