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Jim Hart

Paul Johnson and Special Teams

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by , 09-02-2011 at 07:28 PM (5090 Views)
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Lest we forget.. Johnson is not only the head coach but also the offensive coordinator. There are very few if any D-1 head coaches that are also the offensive or defensive coordinator and as involved in special teams as Johnson.

Most coaches that are coordinators and head coaches generally give up the coordinator role at some point to focus on being a head coach. Let alone be the coordinator and then get more involved in special teams.

Johnson will always be the offensive coordinator but perhaps he needs to let go of the special teams.

After his first season at Tech when the special teams weren't very good I asked Paul Johnson what the solution was. His solution he said was to become more involved. The following year his special teams were not much better. After his third year when special teams were poor, his stated solution was to again become more involved.

Last year special teams were again poor.

Anyone notice a pattern here?

Perhaps the best solution would be for Johnson to layoff special teams entirely cause they haven't worked with him involved.