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Jim Hart

My Predictions for 2011

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by , 08-31-2011 at 09:07 PM (3426 Views)
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1.) The over/under for hearing the first "Vad Lee" chant is the North Carolina game. Tech people love Horatio Alger stories and it's romantic to think Tevin will have a Joe Hamilton type turnaround. However, there are differences. Hamilton was a redshirt freshmen not a redshirt sophmore. Also, Hamilton's turnaround was aided by Ralph Friedgen coming in 1997. Tevin has been in this offense since 2008 and still made key mistakes in crunch time in 2010.

2.) Jermiah Attachou will be the breakout star on defense. He showed potential in the Air Force game and will take the next step in 2011. I like Burnett and Drummond as well but I think Attachou will be at a different level
3.) I hope the light comes on at B-Back for David Sims because he can be scary good. He just moved in the spring and he probably doesn't have everything down. I never saw Sims go down on first contact last year. If he picks things up, he could be the great combination of Allen breaking tackles for tough yards and Dwyer getting the big plays.

4.) I still have a lot of questions about the D-line. I thought Peters would have a big year last year. He didn't. Cross started strong and faded badly. Logan Walls tries hard but was overmatched most of the time. TJ Barnes gets stood up way too much for a 340 pounder.

5.) The A-Backs will be solid. With all the returning talent, this should be a strong position. I would like to see what Zenon and Godhigh could do against Western Carolina.

6.) Sweeting and Young may be the most talented CB tandem in Tech history. Sweeting showed great improvement last year and Young has a world of talent. The young secondary may give up some big plays but they will get better as the year goes on.

7.) If the o-line struggles, it is time to seriously question Sewak. I know technically he's not over the entire offensive line but it is clear in interviews that he is the man. It's one thing for the o-line to struggle against Clemson and Bowers. It's another thing for the o-line to struggle against a rebuilding Wake Forest.

8.) It's really tough to predict a record this year. If PJ is Gailey-like with his choice at QB, we will be 6-6. If PJ is dynamic at QB, we will go 8-4. I choose to believe PJ will be dynamic.